Guardians 4 – PARTY TIME PV

I would have put this up a lot sooner (because I really love this song), but I was waiting for the full PV to be uploaded to YouTube.

Settings – BUBBLES EVERYWHERE! That alone is enough for me to love it, but there are also brightly-colored party decorations everywhere, and you know how much I love (and miss, in Momusu’s case) seeing bright colors in PVs.

Outfits– YES. ABSOLUTELY. Nevermind that I love the design in general (and have, since Omakase Guardian), but these are GREEN. I was so happy to see these.

Dance – The dance is very… Guardians 4. No, seriously, I think all of their dances thus far are similar somehow, I just can’t figure out where/why. Not that that’s a bad thing, mind you. I’ll probably be learning it myself.

Acting – I love Yurina’s “Muahaha, I ate some” look at around 0:42, and Risako’s “What’s going on now?” face at about 2:16. All the cooking, partying, and bubble-blowing was cute, but not in a way that would coat your eyes in a couple layers of sugar; just in a normal way, if that makes any sense.

– I was surprised by how good everyone sounded in this, especially Mittsi. Her super-cutesy voice really bugs the heck out of me, but her normal-ish voice is rather pleasant-sounding. The same goes for Saki; in C-ute, I can’t stand her voice, but it doesn’t seem as irritating in this group.

Song – I was hooked during, literally, the first two seconds. The “pa paya pa pa pa pia” parts are really catchy; they got stuck in my head instantly. The rest of the song is also very fun to listen to, and the singing is great from everyone. I think this may even be on par with some of Buono!’s music.

While PARTY TIME follows the low-budget look of their previous two singles, it’s done in a fun fashion that makes you love it anyway, and, even if the PV had been boring (which I’d say it wasn’t, really), the song more than makes up for it.

~ Surimu-chan


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