5-nin °C-ute

So, Erika has graduated. … To tell the truth, of the three main groups in H!P, I follow °C-ute the least. I don’t even really have a ranking for the members, because I don’t know them that well. I haven’t heard half of their music; actually, outside of their singles, I think I’ve heard less than ten of their songs.

Because of that, Kanna’s departure and Erika’s graduation have had very little effect on me.  Sure, the news for both was surprising, but I wasn’t upset about it. Koharu’s graduation announcement was much more surprising to me, and she isn’t even my favorite member of Morning Musume.

On the subject of 5-nin °C-ute, I don’t have much to say, except that I hope that the other members will have a few more lines now that there’s only five of them. … I kind of doubt it, though.

~ Surimu-chan


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