H!P Members in a Drama!

What a pleasant birthday surprise! I just read on Tokyograph that Manoeri and the members of S/mileage will be appearing in a drama in January! (Eh? Could it be that… this is old news? I wouldn’t know…)

I am so, so happy that the H!P members are finally getting a chance to do some acting. I mean, sure there are stage plays, but it’s much more fun when you can look forward to a new episode of a drama every week instead of just the release of a musical on DVD.

I was really excited before, when I heard that Aichan was going to be in a drama; I watched Q.E.D. and loved it. And now, even though I don’t follow Manoeri at all and S/mileage only a little, I’m very much looking forward to this drama. Plus, Morning Musume members as guest stars! YES!

This could also be a breakthrough for Hello! Project; if they start having the girls star in dramas, they could take the Johnny’s route and have the girls sing the dramas’ theme songs. This could, in turn, bring back the themed PVs! AAHH! … Or maybe I’m getting too far ahead of myself. (^_^’)>

~ Surimu-chan


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