Berryz Koubou – Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama PV

Settings – I don’t quite understand where they’re supposed to be, but it somehow works with the song. There’s just stuff all over the place. XD The room/s used for the solo shots were rather bare, but that just helped you to focus on the girls more.

Outfits – I was kind of reminded of Onna, Kanashii, Otona (even though I’ve never watched that PV because I didn’t care for the song) when I saw their red and gold outfits, but I much prefer these ones; they’re modern and idol-y with a bunch of old-fashioned accessories. However, as with Ryuusei Boy, I wish they would have had at least ONE costume change. On a positive note, you get a chance to see everyone clearly in this one, and everyone looks amazing.

Dance – This dance looks so fun! I like it much more than Ryuusei Boy’s. I almost thought they were doing the Thriller “zombie claws” for a second, but then I noticed that their palms are facing up. I love the pose they all do during the “Hey!” parts. Also, I love, like seriously LOVE the dance break at around 2:30; I think I mentioned in my review for Kimagure Princess that I love it when a few of the members do a dance move, and then rest join in one or two at a time.

Acting – First of all, Miyabi’s “nee~” at 1:04 was awesome; she looked like a Bond villian sitting in her chair and staring straight ahead. I was glad to see the “everyone looking into the camera” shot (a la Monkey Dance) again in this PV. Their reactions to the TV were great. The solo shots where the feathers were falling down were also nice; at least it was a change from dance shot, close up, dance shot, close up. ^_^ Lastly, it’s just a little thing, but when Risako mimes the “Shhheeeww” sound effect around 2:45… I liked that. =)

Singing – Again, I must spazz over Miya first; I loved the “Choudai~” near the end. This song is basically another Risako, Miyabi and Friends, but it doesn’t bug me as much as it did with Ryuusei Boy. Everyone sounded great, and YAAY Captain got a line!

Song – I love this song; I might be my favorite since Dakishimete Dakishimete… though I did like Rival… anyway… I’m glad I can count on Berryz for the fun, upbeat songs.

Overall, if this PV sent me a note that said, “Do u like me? Circle Y or N”, I’d definitely circle “Y” and draw little hearts all over. … Was that example too weird? Okay, let’s just say I really liked this PV. XD



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