Miscellaneous News…

♫ Yay! A new header! I had originally planned to change the header on the first of every month, but… I forgot. And then I remembered. So, there it is. Featuring Mari again, because she’ll always be my favorite member of H!P. ^_^ I was going to make something a little more… Halloween-ish, but I thought, “Purple is a fall-ish color, isn’t it? I’ll just throw some purple in there and call it good.” It’s still ridiculously simple, and only slightly stylish (ahahaha), but it works.

♫ On to more important news: Maasa is going to be in a movie! Yaaay! I’m so glad that one of the (more or less) underappreciated members is going to be in the spotlight!

♫ Also, half of Berryz has come down with the flu. O_O At first, it was just, “Oh, Momo has the flu. That’s too bad.” And then, “Ah, Miyabi, too? Huh.” And now “Risako?! Maasa?! Oh no, Captain, Chinami, Yurina, RUN!” Though I suppose running wouldn’t really help… (^_^’)>

♫ Even more Berryz news~… the Ryuusei Boy PV is out! I’ll have a more in-depth review on that later. =D

~ Surimu-chan

EDIT: Seriously?! Captain caught the flu, too?! *sigh* And the PV for Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama is already out! I need to get to work…


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