S/mileage – Asu wa Deeto… PV

So, I didn’t pay S/mileage much attention when they were first formed (why does that sentence sound familiar…). I listened to aMa no Jaku, but it must not have had much of an impact on me, because I don’t remember how it goes. o_o But with this one… AHH it’s just too cute! o(>w<)o

Okay, to start off, I’m sure everyone else picked up the Tanpopo-ish vibe, yes? Which, for me, is like a billion pluses right off the bat, because I love the old-school sounding songs.  But it wasn’t just the song; the look of the PV just screamed “Tanpopo,” too.  Which is another billion pluses.


– I love the room full of lamps and chandeliers. I don’t understand it, but I love it.

– The girls’ individual rooms are very simple-looking, and all the light colors give off an elegant, yet cute, candy-coated feeling. Also, even though they look terribly inconvenient and are a disturbingly bright pink… I want one of those phones.

– The carriage was a bit cheesy to me, but I didn’t let it affect me too much.


– The outfits used in the lamp room, or the dance shot outfits, I suppose, feel like a mix between a Tanpopo and Buono! outfit; somewhat old-school with a rock-ish edge. They’re nice enough.

– The girls’ fluffy, girly dresses are cute enough, I suppose, though I’m not too fond of the knee highs by themselves and the platform shoes leave me a bit awestruck. When it’s all put together, though, it looks fine.


– I like the dance. I might even love it. For some reason, I especially love the little step they do when they sing, “Koe ga kikitai.”


Yuuka – Nothing she did in particular stood out to me, except I really liked when, after sitting in various places in her room, she just squats down and stares at the phone. … Okay, I guess that counts as something in particular.

Ayaka – I dare say this is Ayaka’s strong suit; she has believable mannerisms (at least when they were all sitting around the table).

Kanon – I just can’t get over how adorable she is. And she really does remind me of Kago. I especially like the look she has around 1:35 in the video.

Saki – Her “waiting for the phone” acting wasn’t particularly interesting, but the “table scene” acting was better. The face she made when she drew her card was great.


Yuuka – Yuuka’s voice reminds me of a feathery, even more cutesy-fied version of Momoko’s voice. It’s like… Momo Lite, or something. It’s solid enough, but too much of it would get on my nerves.

Ayaka – Speaking of getting on my nerves… her voice does. You know that face some people get when they hear a singer hit a particularly painful-sounding high note? I kind of have that face whenever Ayaka starts singing. To sound a little less mean I’ll just say that she’ll probably improve, because there is room for improvement. … Nope, still sounded mean.

Kanon – Ah~, she’s a lovely singer. If she doesn’t tie with Saki for best in the group, she’s a very, very close second.

Saki – She sounded amazing. I think she sounded the best in this one. What else is there to say?


– It’s such a cute song. Again, it has a very Tanpopo feeling to it, which is a great thing. It got stuck in my head almost right away.

Overall, I think the good outweighs the bad for S/mileage’s second PV. I wonder when they will officially debut…

~ Surimu-chan


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